Thursday, August 30, 2007

Wednesday, 8/29/07

Garden Watering: Today it was my turn to leave a hose running all night. We use drip hoses and water the garden slowly. I usually start watering around noon. I water a bed for several hours, move the hose and water another bed. I move the hose to the final bed of the day just before we close up the garden in the evening. Then, I go out and turn off the water around midnight or so. Today I forgot to turn off the water. Our beans got plenty watered.

Packing Pots: Jo spent the majority of the day unloading the kiln and getting all of her pottery packed so we can load the van tomorrow.

Tile Problems: Jo had problems with the blue glaze on several of her tiles. It blistered. Some of the tiles may be able to be "fixed" with another firing, but we'll be heading over to Fayetteville this weekend with fewer tiles than she'd intended.

Clouds: Today wasn't quite as hot as the past several. It started out heading that way, but then some clouds move in during the early afternoon. The temperature only made it up to 96º before beginning to fall. I heard some thunder rumblings in the distance, but that's as close to rain as we got. There isn't even a good chance of rain in our forecast.

Hornworm report: Only one found.