Thursday, August 30, 2007

Tuesday, 8/28/07

Glaze firing: At midnight I "started" Jo's last glazing firing before our show over in Fayetteville on Labor Day weekend. At 3 AM I went back over to the studio and completely closed the lid on the kiln. (The lid is left in a vent position -- i.e. open a couple of inches -- for the first three hours of the firing.) The firing finished up around noon.

Garden Watering Hose: A couple of days ago the hose I use for watering out in the garden burst. What can you expect for a 30-or-so-year-old hose?. I spliced it back together by sticking a short section of PVC pipe inside and twisting down a couple of pieces of wire to hold the hose in place. (The hose isn't worth the investment of a couple of hose clamps.) Today the hose came unspliced. I employed the same method to fix it again, except this time I stuck a piece of copper tubing inside and flared out the ends a bit before installing. So far, it seems to be holding. (That this was the most exciting event of my day tells you how things have been going lately.)

Hornworm Report: Picked 4 off the tomato plants this afternoon.

Weather: 97/72 ... clear skies ... light and variable wind ... 77º at midnight.