Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Dog-Toothed Violet

From March, 2007

The dog-toothed violet's name comes from the shape of its root. The numerous rhizomes on the bottom could resemble a dog's jaw and canine teeth if you've got a good imagination. "Violet" is a misnomer. The plant is a lily and not related to violets. Another common name is trout lily which is based on the speckled appearance of the leaves. Both the leaves and root are supposedly edible, although I've never been hungry enough to give either a try.

Dog-toothed violets are said to often grow in clusters. Most of the ones that grow around here are simply scattered around the forest floor, except for the ones picture in the top photo. They are clustered on the top of a large rock. I reckon the accumulated leaf litter and other rotted organic matter up there gives the dog-toothed violets as much soil to grow in as we've got in most places.

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