Thursday, March 08, 2007

Jerry Burns Leaves

On Wednesday Jerry Joe came down to burn off leaves in the woods just northeast of our place.

Jo wasn't happy about the fires and decided she better get our sheets and towels off the clothesline before they picked up a burnt leaf aroma.

Our "watch dogs" were oblivious to Jerry Joe's arrival. However, they went ballistic when he left. One of them decided to get a better look at Jerry's departure by standing up and planting his/her front feet on the window sill, knocking off a whole tray of small houseplants. (The guilty party would not confess and neither Rusty nor Bucket would rat the other out.) None of the flower pots broke, but several of the trays they sit on did. The resulting mess was considerable, making Jo even less happy. I decided the best thing for my to do was go to my shop and stay out of Jo's way for a while.