Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Stormy Monday

From March, 2007

It was overcast with occasional periods of light mist most all day on Monday. When the time for our afternoon walk rolled around, the skies looked less threatening than they had all day, so we decided to go ahead and go for the full walk instead of sticking closer to the house. I even took the camera, and didn't bother bringing along a plastic bag to protect it should we get caught out in a shower. By the time we got up to the pasture, we began hearing thunder. I only took time to take a couple of photos. Aside from those we continued around our routine loop at a pretty good pace -- no stopping to smell the roses (or look at the wildflowers) on this trip. We made it back to the house before the rain started. Several small, weak squall lines moved through over the next couple of hours. We didn't have any severe weather, and only received .3" of rain.